Never Caught In The Bayou…

Posted: December 21, 2009 in American
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that would be The Axeman of New Orleans. As suggested by his name, The Axeman of New Orleans was a serial killer active between May 1918 and October 1919, who terrorized those in New Orleans and its surrounding communities. By the end of his reign of terror The Axeman was responsible for eight deaths and a total of twelve victims. News reports at the height of The Axeman’s killing spree also noted similar murders going back as far as 1911 but those reports have not been proven true.
First, lets start with a little background and examination of these murders. As noted by his moniker, The Axeman use an axe in all of his attacks. In all eight incidents, the attack occurred in the victim’s home within their own bedroom; and as reported by the few survivors, The Axeman would make he way into the home with force by prying or breaking through a back door or front door. Using the tool he used to gain entry into the home, The Axeman would then bludgeon his victims savagely. Though some of his earlier victims were Italian-American and immigrants there is no hard evidence linking any of his victims to one another. Also, The Axeman did not target one particular group of individuals, as most serial killer tend to do. The Axeman’s victims range from men to women, one of who was pregnant and another who’s baby was in her arms at the time of the attack. Due to the nature it is rather hard to pinpoint an exact motive for his crimes, but it is possible that The Axeman was killing for the thrill or possibly to gain power or control over his victims. The Axeman also appeared to draw inspiration from Jack The Ripper, as he would send taunting letters to newspapers eluding to his future crimes. Sadly, The Axeman goes down in history as one of the many serial killers, who terrorize their victims and never gets caught. The Axeman murders stopped in October 1919 just as mysteriously as they began.


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